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Maintenance Plans

Because of the different needs of each of our Central Heating and Cooling Clients, we offer 3 different levels of Maintenance Service Agreements to meet your Air Conditioning needs. You can read the Maintenance Check List below to find out which Level of our Maintenance Service Agreements best fits your homes needs or just contact us

*Special discounts apply to our Maintenance Service Agreement Clients

**Also available for commercial clients

Maintenance Check List

Maintaining the appliances and mechanical items that we own has been proven to prolong their life expectancy and help them run more efficiently. Having a regular service preformed on your Central Air Conditioner is no different than having regular maintenance done on your automobiles. Not only is it important for the overall performance of the Air Conditioner but it is also required by most warranties given on the units.

Our Maintenance Agreement Clients can rest assured that their equipment is being maintained well and that they are being kept aware of any small problems that might turn into big ones if left unattended. We perform the following procedures during our Preventative Maintenance Check-up:


  1. Check Condensing Coil
  2. Test operating pressures
  3. Test starting capabilities
  4. Test and Adjust Blower Components
  5. Test and check safety controls
  6. Check filters and change them if needed
  7. Check Condensate drain
  8. Test Voltage of motors
  9. Test AMP draws on motors
  10. Lubricate necessary moving parts
  11. Calibrate thermostat
  12. Check for proper air flow
  13. Install pan guard
  14. Check expansion valve
  15. Test in Heat Cycle (fall)


When you are one of our Maintenance Agreement Clients, you are provided with improved efficiency, restored capacity, extended equipment life, priority customer service, inflation protection, a 10% discount on Parts & Labor, professional work sheets, and maintenance reports for your files.

Once you participate in our Maintenance Agreement program, you will see the benefits far out weigh the investment of this proactive service. This is our way of saying Thank You again for allowing us to provide you with your comfort needs.
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