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Air Conditioning Sales

We provide FREE SURVEYS where we come to your house so we can measure and calculate your home in order to install the appropriate Heating and Cooling needs and size of equipment for your home. Our Comfort Advisor will show you all of the options available in today’s Air Conditioning world and even show you the new technology that has become available in the most recent years. We sell several different brands of Air Conditioning equipment so that we can meet the Heating and Cooling needs of St. Augustine and St. Johns County, and the hot humid weather in North Florida.

Our Products include:

  1. Central Heating and Cooling Units

    *Standard Units
    *Package Units
    * Mini Split Systems

  2. IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

    *Filtration Systems
    *UV Lights

  3. Duct Cleaning

    *Flex or Metal Ducts
    *Dryer Vents

  4. Service and Maintenance

    *Service needs
    *Maintenance plans

  5. Custom New Construction

Air Conditioning Service

Our service technicians are on call for your Heating and Cooling problems whenever you need them.

Each of our trucks are stocked with several different parts and accessories for most Air Conditioners in the North Florida area, so that when we show up to diagnose your Air Conditioner we will have the tools we need right there with us. We send our technicians to school so they will continue to learn as the Air Conditioning industries technology continues to change. We only hire Drug Free Employees so that we can rely on them, but also so that you can feel safe knowing you are not inviting a criminal into your home.

Our technicians can also tell you where you might be losing energy (which costs us in electric bills every month) and how you can prevent those loses. If you browse through our web site you can learn things like how to tell if you should repair or replace and what type of maintenance checklist and maintenance plan you should have.

Our technicians are polite, and friendly so feel free to ask them about any concerns you may have, if they can’t answer you they’ll be happy to go research the question and let you know.

Member National Comfort Institute, Inc.


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