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Duct Cleaning

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Air ducts can harbor mold, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and other pollutants which can contaminate the indoor air we breathe and cause “sick homes”. Suspended airborne spores can cause numerous allergic reactions and ailments such as asthma or other health problems. Allergenic particles such as pollen, dust, mold spores, fungi spores, tobacco smoke, dust mites, pet hair and pet dander all contribute to poor indoor air quality. Heating and air conditioning ducts which are dark, damp, and rich in “nutrients” provide an excellent breeding ground for mold, fungi and dust mites which can spread rapidly when these ducts are in use to heat or cool the home. Poor ventilation and dirty filters are also major contributors to unhealthy contaminates in the home.

With all of the fly by night companies that claim they can clean your ducts for $29 to $75, how can you be sure you’re not wasting your money? After all, these companies are only using a vacuum to clean your ducts and we all know that air is flowing through our ducts every single day so how can vacuuming them actually work? How can you be sure that your ducts even need to be cleaned? When was the last time you took a look inside of your duct system? When was the first time any of us actually got to see what it looks like inside our ducts?

Dirty duct

Collapsed duct

At First Class Heating and Air Conditioning, we have researched the cleaning of ducts and we’ve found something we believe in. We use a video-assisted ROTOBRUSH air duct cleaning system. This advanced cleaning method is the only one available that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals such as sealers. The powerful yet flexible ROTOBRUSH easily cleans all types of air duct construction (e.g., flex duct, round metal ducts, square metal ducts, and fiberboard) including right angle turns, reducers and multiple bends found in most types of duct systems. It also video tapes your duct cleaning experience, which shows you where the trouble spots are, and verifies the job was done right.

We want you to be as sure about your decision as we are about ours so we will come in and run a camera through your duct system during our DUCT SURVEY so that you can actually see what the inside of your ducts looks like.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your Dryer Vent is another place that needs some regular attention. As you can see from these pictures, Dryer Vents can get extremely clogged, which can create a multitude of problems.

clogged dryer vent

Before First Class cleaning

After First Class cleaning

A clogged Dryer Vent can smolder for hours and then actually catch on fire. It can also be clogged so bad that your dryer is taking twice as long as it did when it was new to dry your clothes, which will make your electric bill higher. Last but not least is that if the lint from your dryer vent gets into the rest of your house it can easily then clog up the Ducts, Coils, and Filters to your Air Conditioning System. With our state of the art Roto-Brush system we can clean your dryer vents as well as cleaning your A/C Ducts. If you’re interested in having your Dryer Vents cleaned, please contact us.


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